Trojan Pride

Plans to increase membership in the Alumni Association are currently underway.  It has been decided to eliminate the annual membership category and reduce the lifetime membership fee to $45, while no longer providing an alumni blanket for new lifetime members.

It was decided to formally recognize current lifetime members by designating them as “Lotus Members” and creating a special display to recognize their years as members of the Association.  Along with Lotus Members, you can also elect to purchase a $100 “Sponsor” membership that will let you attend all home sporting events for free.

Alumni who attend class reunions will be able to become lifetime members at a reduced rate of $40 if paid for at the reunion. 

The parents and grandparents of seniors who will be graduating this spring (Class of 2011) will be given the opportunity to purchase a lifetime membership for the graduates at the rate of $20 if done so by August 1.


Membership Drive Underway

Monroe, Michigan

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